Carter's Charity Primary School

Aims and Ethos

It is the philosophy of the school that every child be treated as an individual, with respect to their own personality, their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual level and growth. Thus, all children, whatever their ability, receive the same care and attention.
  • We promote good manners and kindness to all, so creating a family atmosphere within the school.
  • We respect our children equally regardless of sex, colour or creed, and we believe that all of them can be helped to develop further and learn more.
  • We try, at all times, to allow each child to develop a sense of self respect and the ability to contribute as members of the school family, so that in later life they will become useful members of the community.
  • We wish to motivate the children by encouraging them and by making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
  • We do, recognise that they must have discipline to achieve this, and to this end the school operates a team points system to encourage effort, manners and good work.