Carter's Charity Primary School

Children's Presentation in school

School Uniform


We are proud of our School Uniform, and children must wear it. Obviously there will be the odd occasions when a yoghurt pot explodes or growth spurt renders your child beyond the size bought, in these cases allowances are made for temporary solutions! The summer options may be worn in the Summer term and September only.


We also ask that children’s footwear is appropriate for school – no trainers and no shoes with high heels, no flimsy or loose fitting sandals or shoes. This rule is in place for health and safety purposes.


We sell a shoulder bag that is useful for all children. We ask that all Infant children use these for ease of organisation in the classroom. Every new Reception starter in September will receive their first bag.


Due to limitations of space, we ask that children do not bring their belongings in rucksacks as they take up too much room. Satchels are useful as are drawstring bags for PE/Games kits.





All year

Grey shorts/trousers

White shirt

School tie


Plain socks (black or grey)

Shoes (not trainers)

Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers

White blouse

School tie


Plain socks/tights (white or grey)

Shoes (not trainers)



Grey shorts/trousers

School polo shirt

Plain socks (black or grey)

Shoes (not trainers)

Grey skirt/trousers and school polo shirt

or blue gingham print dress

Plain socks (white or grey)

Shoes (not trainers)


School uniform is sold through school and is also stocked at the school uniform shop in Garstang (formerly Mike's Sportsworld). They also sell our uniform online.


Rules on Jewellery & Hair


The school, on the grounds of safety, is also not the place for jewellery. 


This includes chains, bracelets, rings and other such items.


If a child has pierced ears, then we insist that small unobtrusive studs be worn. These MUST be plain flat or small ball studs with no stone set into the design. We ask that if you intend to have your child’s ears pierced, then please have it done at the start of the long summer holidays as the wearing of ear jewellery restricts their involvement in P.E. sessions.


We ask that the children do not have hair styles which are over fashionable, provocative or can be construed as posing a danger to self or others. This includes mohicans, beads, tramlines or dyed hair. School is neither a place for this nor do we believe is it appropriate for primary school age children. Our experience tells us that such styles can have a detrimental impact on the child’s learning. If your child does come to school with such a style, they may be asked to have it changed or removed.


We also request that any hair equipment (headband, bow, clip, etc.) is small, unobtrusive and plain coloured, preferably blue.

November 2020 Update


As part of our drive to maintain as healthy and safe an environment as possible, we ask that children come to school wearing games kit on those days when they have PE or Games lessons.


The pattern for the Autumn term is: