Carter's Charity Primary School

Curriculum Overviews

Reception children follow the "Early Years Foundation Stage" which has been devised to prepare the children for learning in the future. This developmental approach enables staff to identify areas of strength and areas for support. There is an overlap with the National Curriculum which starts when the children move into Y1.


The National Curriculum has been recently revised and there is lots of information provided through our website. The overviews below give you an idea of what is being studied and when. These are here to help you support your child in their learning. Alongside these overviews there are a series of "non-negotiables" which form the backbone of all learning across all subjects.

There are lots of mentions of "phonics" especially in Reception, Y1 and Y2. This area of learning is one route into reading and is structured to continually build on strong foundations. This website will give you information, ideas and activities to help you support your child's understanding of language and reading.