Carter's Charity Primary School


The introduction of the new National Curriculum in September 2014 enabled us to take the opportunity to design and deliver our new "Carter's Charity Challenge Curriculum". This unique and dynamic curriculum is based around a set of non-negotiables in Reading, Writing and Maths with all the other subjects and aspects taught as part of a creative programme.


We have devised a broad and rich curriculum that we believe provides engaging opportunities for learning and prepares our children for a life in modern Britain. The staff has specialisms and interests covering all areas of the curriculum and they work together to achieve a well-balanced programme of learning for all our children.


Curriculum Structure

We have seven classes with single age groups in each class. However, the curriculum is planned over a two year cycle with teachers in Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 working together to develop and provide a rich, stimulating and engaging curriculum based around a set of themes. These themes provide a framework for a skills based scheme to flow throughout the school enabling children to improve their knowledge and understanding and increase their sense of self-belief and motivation.


Visits and visitors form a valuable part of the learning process and are embedded as WOW! learning experiences in most themes.