Carter's Charity Primary School

Pupil Premium

This is a Government initiative aimed at "closing the gap" in achievement between children who are eligible, or have been in the last 6 years, for Free School Meals (FSM) and other groups in school. At Carter's Charity Primary School we have more than 24% of our school roll eligible for such funding (as at 01/09/2019).


"Closing the gap" is only able to take place at Carter's Charity Primary School because we have a rigorous and robust tracking and monitoring system to ensure all pupils, regardless of their starting point and personal situation, are making sufficient progress in order to meet and exceed their own personal targets.


Children identified through the Pupil Premium Grant receive academic support to enable better than expected progress to be made and support for their emotional wellbeing alongside a focus on self esteem and confidence.For a full report on the spending for last year please see the attached document.

Pupil Premium Report 2018-2019