Carter's Charity Primary School

Pupil Voice

It used to be said that children should be seen and not heard. Here at Carter's we don't necessarily agree with that. We believe that children need to be part of their learning and development and not just have these things done to them.


We are part of a very active local cluster of schools that have created a "Pupil Parliament" that aims to introduce children to the worlds of decision making and responsibility. There are regular meetings locally and once a term there is a meeting of representatives from schools in the Wyre district which is held in the main council chamber in the civic centre in Poulton.


Within school we have a school council that meets regularly. The children who have been elected by their classmates, discuss issues relating to their learning and the development of the school. They work in partnership with the staff and the governors to ensure that decisions made have an effect across the whole school.


This year they are looking at supporting the aspects of the school development plan that relate to Learning outside the classroom and have pledged to improve the garden area to create a space that supports learning across the curriculum.