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School Bus Policy


For 2021 - 2022, Carter’s Charity School will provide a bus service for children to get to and from school on each day that the school is open.


We provide the transport as a measure of support for our families, we are one of a small number of schools to do this across the country. There is no obligation on the school to provide this service and the responsibility for children getting to and from school remains solely with the child’s family.


We provide members of staff to greet the bus in the morning and to supervise the children at the end of the day before the return journey. This cost is covered through the sale of tickets for the bus.



This service is run as a not for profit making operation. The service must not impact upon the school’s budget as this would be in breach of financial regulations. The journey charge will be determined based on the cost of providing the bus and staffing the support at the end of the school day. As of 1st September 2019, the cost has been determined at a level which would cover the above if a minimum number of journeys were to be taken daily.


The charges per journey for this year (2021 - 2022) will be £1.30, morning and afternoon.



It has been decided that no cash will be collected by the driver and all journeys must be booked and paid for in advance using our online payment system. 


Any arrears need to be cleared as soon as possible and immediately after a request for payment from school is received. If the arrears are not cleared, then the opportunity for travel will be withheld and no journeys allowed until there is a positive balance. We will not allow a large amount of debt to accumulate because we are unable as a school to act in any way to cover it or clear it. We will make use of any legal means necessary to reclaim any monies as is needed.

School bus policy 2021 - 2022

Bus timetable and routes