Carter's Charity Primary School

Social Media Links

We share lots of stories and information using our Facebook page so that the wider school community can feel part of the life of our school.

We use ClassDojo in many ways across school:

  • it is an effective messaging system for individual, group, class and whole school communication
  • it allows us to share images and stories with parents and families
  • it allows us to share work and resources and allows children to return completed work for review by their teacher
  • it acts a monitoring tool in school for behaviour and attitude. Parents using the app can see what is happening with their child and how they are behaving in school.
  • it allows us to replace the child's normal answer of "Don't Know!" to their parent's daily question: "What have you done today?"

If you are not signed up yet as a parent, please contact school to get access. As of 1st September 2021, we have nearly 100% connection rate across school.